About me

I've started programming on a ZX Spectrum computer when I was 14 years old and never stopped since. Meanwhile I've studied computer science, I've worked for different big companies and startups from Europe and US and now I'm doing freelancing. I've been recently working on Python/Django, Javascript and Android projects. These days I'm very interested in Bitcoin, distributed applications and machine learning!

I consider myself a polyglot developer and I like to learn about new frameworks and programming languages, specially about functional ones. I love challenging technical and algorithmical problems so if you have any then please contact me!

Otherwise I have different hobbies like dancing argentine tango, flying gliders/paragliders and personal development. I now live in Bucharest, Romania (GMT+2/3) and I like to travel once in a while.

What I do

  • Freelance web development, right now I'm available for about 4 days/week
  • Consultancy on software architecture and Bitcoin
  • Coaching on Python/Javascript and algorithmic problems

My skills

  • Python (since 2009), Django
  • Javascript (since 2005), jQuery, Backbone
  • Some experience with: Go, Scala, Clojure, Groovy, Java, Perl, PHP, Bash, C/C++, ASM
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Mongo
  • HTML/CSS (not pixel perfect)
  • Git, Mercurial, Subversion
  • Linux geek (since 2000)
  • Security aware (XSS, XSRF, SQL injection, buffer overflow)

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My work

  • Atex - Python/Django computer shop website
  • Instabridge - Android app that allows you to share wifi passwords with friends
  • Started a local Python Meetup group in Cluj-Napoca, my home city in Romania
  • More on GitHub ...

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